Versatility in Action: The Motorscrubber MS2000
motorscrubber ms2000

Versatility in Action: The Motorscrubber MS2000

For cleaning jobs where only intense scrubbing will cut it, there is no solution better than a motorscrubber. Manual scrubbing is exhausting work, especially when you need to get into difficult to access areas. Plus you are often under pressure of time, with results being demanded fast.

If you are tasked with the deep cleaning of places like swimming pools, stairways, shower areas and bathrooms, or you need to tackle the likes of marble, mirrors or stainless steel which are almost impossible to deal with manually, the Motorscrubber MS2000 is going to prove to be your best friend.

Getting into awkward areas like skirting boards, and cleaning the likes of walls and mirrors also proves no issue.

Designed for absolute comfort, the Motorscrubber MS2000 features an all-day wear backpack and delivers high torque power to the 18cm scrubbing head, making it possible to release dirt from deep down with surfaces left effortlessly clean.

The Motorscrubber MS2000 features a range of pads and brushes, allowing the user to achieve a superior level of cleaning results on any type of surface. Its ability to get right into the smallest of nooks and crannies really does make it the perfect solution for any clean-up requirement.

Compact, lightweight and easy to use thanks to its battery operation, the Motorscrubber MS2000 head is fully submersible and perfect for boat hulls, caravans, cars, swimming pools, hard floors, stairs and tiles.

It really is one of the most versatile scrubbers on the market with the ability to tackle floors, walls and windows from a single machine.

The battery pack lasts up to four hours on a single eight-hour charge. Features include a telescopic aluminium handle and a variety of brushes and pads.

The Motorscrubber MS2000 - available now from Anderson Trade

The Motoscrubber MS2000 offers the ultimate in flexibility, and guarantees a sophisticated level of deep cleaning without the need to compromise on speed.

Available now from Anderson Trade, the Motorscrubber MS2000 is just one of a range of leading brand motorscrubber models available for online purchase, all of which come with a free onsite trial to ensure your choice is perfectly suited to your individual needs.

Purchase online here, or contact us for tailored guidance.

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