Extra Perks with the Pacvac Velo – Get Yours Before 5 April 2021

Extra Perks with the Pacvac Velo – Get Yours Before 5 April 2021

The Pacvac Velo is the most recent battery powered backpack vacuum cleaner to be released by the world-leading Australian brand. Buy yours between 2 March and 5 April and enjoy extra perks, including 10 bonus disposable paper dust bags and one reusable SMS dust bag.

Even with its super lightweight construction, the 4.6 kilo Pacvac Velo doesn’t fail to deliver on power, with a 250 Watt brushless digital motor allowing the user to comfortably charge through any cleaning task.

Backpack vacuum cleaners are the answer to the difficulties often experienced by users of cylinder vacuums. It is not always possible to struggle with a cylinder, especially in environments like aircraft cabins, vehicles and compact spaces for example. Backpack vacuums give users full control around tight corners, nooks and crannies.

7 Good Reasons to Choose the Pacvac Velo 

The Pacvac Velo sports a unique, super-slender design featuring a compact and lightweight body. Here are seven good reasons why it makes such a good choice for your commercial cleaning needs.

1.    User friendly

The Velo’s ergonomic harness makes it a breeze to use with its unique breathable heat dispersing design. There’s an adjustable hose that can be altered with ease to suit right or left handed users, plus the clear dome lid makes it simple to see when it needs emptying.

2.    Cleaner air

The Velo uses two dust bags. There’s a paper one that seals in dust and bacteria, plus a reusable SMS dust bag giving an additional level of filtration. A HEPA filter offers 99.999 per cent filtration to 0.3uf, and there’s also an exhaust filter to make sure only the cleanest air enters the room at the final filtration stage. Ideal for environments where allergens simply cannot be an issue.

3.    High powered

The brushless motor of the Velo means longer life and higher speeds, plus you get exceptional suction for top level, deep cleaning efficiency. With a volumetric airflow of 21 litres per second, the Velo really is one of the most high-powered cleaning machines.

4.    Long runtime

The advanced lithium-ion BMS technology of the Pacvac Velo guarantees enough power for a deep clean. Enjoy up to 50 minutes of continuous runtime courtesy of a convenient click-in battery system, and dual battery charging in just an hour and 45 minutes.

5.    Feature-packed

Not only do you get to enjoy power and convenience with the Pacvac Velo, there’s also added value courtesy of the ergonomic handle which is made from static-dispelling materials. Plus there’s a telescopic wand and wand holder, and an adjustable waistband.

If all this wasn’t enough, a full tool kit is also supplied which includes an all-purpose floor tool, a crevice tool and a dusting brush. Plus there’s a pack of 10 disposable dust bags; a spare grey filter bag; a dual port charger and a set of two batteries.

Lastly, there’s a two-year warranty on the body and motor, and a one-year warranty on the batteries and charger.

6.    Sustainability

Pacvac is a globally renowned, market-leading brand, established over 40 years and specialising only in backpack vacuum cleaners. As a brand, Pacvac is committed to sustainability and the Velo contributes towards this with a 28 per cent reduction in plastic used in production and packaging. Designed to last, the Velo offers an enhanced lifespan, so there’s less waste going to landfill over time.

7.    Added extras – limited period only

From 2 March to 5 April 2021, buy the Pacvac Velo and you’ll be eligible to claim an extra 10 disposable paper dust bags, and a reusable SMS dust bag.

Simply place your order and then claim here.

Purchase the Pacvac Velo from Anderson Trade – only £499 plus VAT

Anderson Trade is a UK-wide supplier of brand leading commercial cleaning machines, spares and parts. Pacvac is one of our most popular brands. Buy the Pacvac Velo for just £499 plus VAT and claim your extra dust bags before 5 April 2021.

To learn more visit https://anderson-trade.co.uk/products/pacvac-velo-battery-back-pack or call 01332 347557 for personalised guidance.


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