Another Annual Head to Head VS OGL!

The Footy!

Kicking off at 6pm, 6 vs 6, on the astros at We Are Padel Sports Centre Pride Park, we embarked on the task of ending our losing streak against our software developers and bitter rivals OGL. While we were unsuccessful (ending in 8-11 to OGL), it was a much improved performance on the previous year at Kidderminster.

A very tight match in which we were the better side towards the beginning but slowly started to unravel as the fitness of a few of our players was called in to question (bearing in mind OGL play on a weekly basis...).

Click here for the full but VERY biased match report from OGL.


The Post Match Events...

To make reparations to the relationships damaged during the football, we took to drinking (more our forté).

Starting in the bar at the sports centre, we then moved over to the Annual Derby Beer Con where James got everyone in with his connections to Darley Abbey Cider. Inside was a great atmosphere with some incredible street food and lots of craft ales and, after trying a few beers and having a bite to eat, we again moved on.

This time to Sam's recommendation of The Jorrocks Pub, allegedly the most haunted pub in Derby. However, the only thing haunting in there was the music. So, after a quick drink, we swiftly moved on. Sam is now banned from making executive decisions on a night out.

Onto The Bless Pub we went, which was much more of a vibe, so much so we ended up staying there until around 1:00 am. At which point we remembered we had a VIP section booked in Popworld and thought we better move on.

Inside Popworld James had a small battle trying to communicate with the staff, over the loud music, that we had the VIP area booked. But, once we had established that we were indeed Very Important People (sorry, Incompetent) we were having a great time with bottles of bubbly and vodka on tap. Apart from a couple of heads dropping off early, the majority ended the night at around 3:30 am.

Another great evening with OGL, we're already looking forward to the next one on their turf next spring!

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