Numatic's Eco Reflo range are made of 45% recycled plastic and can save up to 30% in energy costs, whilst still delivering the same high-performance, high-quality and long-lasting Numatic results as always…


Highest Efficiency Eco Motor

Equipped with Numatic's highest efficiency motor, the Eco ReFlo Vacuums deliver a 30% reduction in energy consumption. Providing the same professional, high-performance cleaning results you expect from a Numatic machine, while saving you money too.

ReFlo Technology

Engineered from the highest quality plastic using their innovative environmentally sustainable ReFlo Technology. ReFlo Technology uses high-quality, post-industrial plastics from the automotive industry, which are diverted from landfill or incineration.


Sustainably Engineered

ReFlo Technology uses the highest quality recycled plastic, ensuring our products are sustainably engineered.

Advanced Efficiency

Equipped with Numatic's most advanced, high-efficiency, high-performance, long-life motor.

30% Energy Savings

Professional, powerful cleaning whilst reducing energy usage and cost from 30%.

Built to Last

Providing the same tough, heavy-duty Numatic construction, as always.

Compact & Convenient

Equipped with a long cleaning reach, on-board tool storage and stores neatly away.

Handy Cable Replacement

A unique system for quick and easy changing of cable, if damaged during use.

Annual Energy Usage

Using Nuamtic's 420W high-efficiency motor, the Eco ReFlo Vacuums deliver powerful cleaning while reducing energy usage and cost.

Based on using 4 hours per day, over 260 days and £0.34 kWh (as of 10/22 UK).

The Eco ReFlo Range


The NEW sustainable replacement for the VNP180, with an efficient 620W motor and made from 45% recycled plastic.


A budget friendly, professional vacuum with a 420W high-efficiency motor and made from 45% recycled plastic.


A durable ReFlo vacuum with a 420W high-efficency motor and an "easy-replace" 12.5m rewind cable


The H13 HEPA rated version of the EPR170 with a 420W high-efficiency motor and an "easy-replace" 12.5m rewind cable.

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