Jargon Buster

Jargon Buster

Bag Full Indicator - a bagged cleaner will let you know when the bag needs replacing

Bagged - any vacuum cleaner that collects dust and dirt in a disposable bag

Bagless - any cleaner that stores the dust in a removable container for emptying

Brush Roller/ Beater Brush Bar - a revolving brush on upright cleaners that picks up hard-to-get hairs

Cord Rewind - featured on cylinder vacuums, the mains cord is withdrawn into the body of the cleaner after use. This allows for compact storage.

Cylinder - small, manoeuvrable cleaners especially suitable for hard floors and confined spaces

Edge to Edge cleaning - the ability of a vacuum to clean all areas of a surface

Filtration - the process through which a vacuum retains unhygienic particles before pumping back out the air

HEPA - (High Efficiency Particulate Air) A method of S-class filtration that emits air which is safe for allergy sufferers

Lifetime Filtration - filtration which does not require a change of filter throughout the lifetime of the vacuum cleaner

Microfiltration - a form of standard filtration which can retain the finer particles

On Board Tools - tools for a number of cleaning purposes contained within the main body of the vacuum

S-Class filtration - a manufacturing standard for anti-allergenic filtration

Self-Adjusting Head - a cleaning head that remains in close contact to the surface regardless of the angle the vacuum is at

Stair Cleaning - an attachment for upright cleaners allowing them to be used to clean stairs. The vacuum unit itself should be stood at the bottom of the stairs for safe cleaning

Standard Filtration - a filtering system on less expensive models

Telescopic Tubes - a range of attachments that can be adjusted to the length required

Upright - a traditional cleaner that uses a rotating brush as well as suction. Especially suitable for large floor areas