Pacvac Superpro 700: Corded or Battery, Helping you Decide

The Pacvac Superpro 700 is a leading backpack style vacuum cleaner from a global brand that has been around since the 1970s. Pacvac specialises only in backpack cleaning machines and is considered the market leader in its field.

The Superpro 700 is a brand best seller, available in both corded and battery versions. Here we’re taking a look at both models, to help you make the right choice for your needs.

Pacvac Superpro 700 Corded

The Superpro 700 corded is the brand’s pioneer backpack vacuum. Built to last, this model has stood the test of time. It is ergonomically designed, lightweight at just 5.2Kg, efficient and durable, providing the user with maximum manoeuvrability and suction.

The machine is commercial grade with a premium quality 900 watt two-stage flow-through motor offering superior power for enhanced performance and long motor life. Minimal noise pollution is guaranteed courtesy of the low noise levels at just 67dB, whilst the cyclonic airflow maintains high levels of suction. The Pacvac Superpro 700 also features a 4-stage HEPA filtration for optimal air quality, providing 99.9 per cent efficiency.

For user benefit, the Pacvac Superpro 700 is super-lightweight and designed with an ergonomic harness, offering wearable comfort. Worldwide service and support provides the highest levels of convenience and peace of mind, all backed by a two year warranty covering the machine body and motor.

The corded Superpro 700 features an extra-long 18 metre detachable extension lead for the ultimate in convenience across larger areas.

Pacvac Superpro Battery 700 Advanced

This machine has been designed with leading-edge battery power and brushless motor technology for a superior combination of freedom, productivity and efficiency.

Like the corded version, the battery model is commercial grade with a premium quality single stage flow through motor, still packing plenty of power at 300 watts.

Again, noise pollution is kept to a minimum at just 67dB and the cyclonic airflow keeps suction levels high whilst the same 4-stage HEPA filtration guarantees optimal air quality at 99.9 per cent efficiency.

Even with the battery pack, the Pacvac Superpro Battery 700 Advanced remains exceptionally lightweight at just 5.7Kg. The battery operation delivers total freedom and flexibility without compromising on any other features.

This model also comes with the same two year warranty covering the machine body and motor, plus there’s a year’s cover for the batteries and dual port charger. Charging time for the set of two supplied batteries is fast at only 1 hour and 45 minutes, delivering a 45 minute run time per set.

Both corded and battery versions are supplied with full tool kit, spare filter bag and 5 paper bags.

‘Backpack’ cleaning is the ergonomic and health-and-safety friendly way to clean both domestic and commercial environments, providing the ultimate in convenience. The lightweight structure combined with a high level of power and suction without the need to drag an awkward cylinder, has made Pacvac one of the most respected machines in this field. 

Buy the Pacvac Superpro 700 from Anderson Trade

Anderson Trade is a nationwide supplier of an extensive range of commercial cleaning machines together with spares and parts. One of our best-selling machines is the Pacvac Superpro 700. Choose from the corded or battery version, complete with personalised advice on making your selection. Simply contact us for the guidance you need, and to learn more about how the Pacvac could transform the way you clean.

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