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Pacvac Superpro 700: Built for Comfort, Priced for Business

Pacvac Superpro 700: Built for Comfort, Priced for Business

The Pacvac Superpro 700 is a backpack vacuum cleaner designed for the ultimate in user comfort.

Backpack vacuum cleaners provide the ultimate solution to the age-old problems presented by cylinder vacuums, notably difficulty in cleaning tight corners, manoeuvrability and control. Because a backpack cleaner is carried on the user’s back, rather than lugged along behind, there is no need to find space for it on the floor. This means that restricted environments can be cleaned with ease, and nooks and crannies can be reached without issue.

The benefits of backpack vacuum cleaners

Backpack vacuum cleaners also save time and energy. With no need to pull them around the floor, the user can focus their energy into removing dirt, whilst moving around unencumbered. What’s more, backpack cleaners are designed to keep noise to a minimum, which is good news where cleaners need to operate during business hours.

Pacvac is a trusted brand, established for more than four decades and specialising only in backpack vacuum cleaners. It is the world’s market leader.

pacvac superpro 700

The Superpro 700 – now only £199 (£239 including VAT)

The Superpro 700 series is a best-selling ultra-lightweight line backed by global support and service plus a two year machine body and motor warranty for exceptional reassurance. Even better, the Superpro 700 240v corded model has recently been subject to a price reduction, providing all the benefits of a premium vacuum cleaner at a new lower price of just £199 (£239 including VAT).

The Superpro 700 backpack cleaner is an incredibly comfortable and versatile machine to use in practice. A twist of the dome lid modifies the set-up to suit left or right handed vacuuming. Fine tuning comes courtesy of an adjustable shoulder strap and hip-band. Everything can be altered to perfectly suit the user.

Why choose the Superpro 700?

One of the most celebrated benefits of the Pacvac backpack vacuum cleaner is the fact that you can vacuum easier and faster without back strain. Providing you stand upright with the hand piece section parallel to the floor; hold the hand piece with one hand at a comfortable arm’s length and use an easy underarm swinging motion for detail cleaning combined with short dabs for spot cleaning, you’ll be able to clean in complete comfort. The key is to stand upright and not bend over.

The Superpro 700 features a premium quality 900 watt two-stage flow-through motor for enhanced performance and long motor life. Noise levels register at just 67dB, whilst the cyclonic airflow delivers suction at exceptional levels. A 4-stage HEPA filtration boosts air quality at 99.9 per cent efficiency, and the extra-long detachable 18 metre extension lead is one of the most appreciated features, especially when cleaning large spaces.

Buy the Pacvac Superpro 700 Corded from Anderson Trade – only £199 plus VAT

Anderson Trade is a UK-wide supplier of brand leading commercial cleaning machines, with spares and parts. One of our most popular lines is the Pacvac Superpro 700 Series. Buy the corded model for just £199 plus VAT, complete with full tool kit, spare filter bag and 5 paper bags. To find out more visit https://anderson-trade.co.uk/products/pacvac-superpro-700-backpack-vacuum or call 01332 347557 for tailored guidance.


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