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Vacuum Cleaners – for When Speed and Convenience Matter

Sometimes time is of the essence, and the convenience of being able to literally grab and go with your vacuum cleaner counts for everything.

Whether you manage a restaurant, a shop, an office or any place frequented by the public where health and safety is of vital importance and first impressions count, you will always benefit from having a quick and easy yet powerful vacuum cleaner to hand to quickly deal with spills and other emergencies.

In this post we’re going to take a look at a few vacuum cleaner models that fit the bill when it comes to speed and convenience, all but one of them coming in at under a £100 investment.

Let’s start with two lightweight machines, ideal for cleaning up in a hurry.

Lightweight-tub-vacThe Shop VAC Micro 4 is a handheld, lightweight model that is easily transportable. Weighing in at just 2Kg, it’s cordless and rechargeable, yet super powerful. Suitable for wet or dry use, this machine features a built-in carry handle and a handy crevice tool to help you get into all those tricky nooks and crannies. Compact and easy to store, the Shop VAC Micro comes with a bracket for convenient wall mounting if required, as well as a small toolkit.

The Shop VAC Micro 10 model offers all of the above plus it also converts into a blower facility, perfect for clearing debris. This model is provided with a slightly more expanded version of the toolkit than the Micro 4 version.shop-vac-micro-10

The I-Vac battery operated tub vac is a cord-free, robust yet compact 9 litre tub vac. It offers an amazing 40 minutes of run time per battery, and can store two batteries providing more than an hour of cleaning time. It takes an hour to charge and comes with a full tool kit. This is the only machine that requires a greater investment, but where clean-up emergencies are many, it really can be worth it.

For those times when you urgently need to clear debris from carpets, or indeed Gtech-carpet-sweeperany type of flooring, the Gtech rechargeable carpet sweeper could quickly become your best friend. It’s powerful and long running, with a low profile to get under furniture. There’s also a removable handle for when you need to clean stairs in a hurry.

Fast and Convenient Vacuum Cleaners – from a Supplier Trusted Throughout the UK

Whatever your industry, whatever your emergency, there is a convenient vacuum cleaner you can keep handy and ready to roll whenever the need arises. Sapping up spills and dealing with debris in an instant, these cleaners are designed to step in and sort out your problems in an instant.

If you are unsure which vacuum cleaner model is best suited to your needs, you can rely on Anderson Trade for the right advice.

We stock a huge selection of vacuum cleaners of all types, as well as a comprehensive range of parts and spares for all leading brands. To learn more you are welcome to get in touch.


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