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The Ultimate Guide to DustCare Fine Dust Vacuum Cleaners

The Ultimate Guide to DustCare Fine Dust Vacuum Cleaners

The DustCare range of industrial cleaning machines from Numatic has been designed to address the needs of building industry applications concerned with the production of fine dust.

Cutting, drilling, polishing and grinding are all construction applications that produce fine dust which, if exposure is not properly managed, can get deep into the lungs and cause a host of diseases, some of them fatal.

The use of machines specifically designed to manage fine dust is therefore vital, and the Numatic DustCare range offers precisely that.

Two technologies have introduced exceptional upgrades to the Numatic DustCare range in terms of both dust collection and machine performance. AirFlo and MicroFlo are both incorporated into the NDS570 model.

An optional kit (NH5) is available which allows the machine to be connected directly to the dust collection hood on whatever hand tool is being used. The kit provides ‘a tool for every job’, including a threaded hose; a rubber brush with stiff bristles; two aluminium extension tubes and an aluminium tube bend together with a dry brush nozzle.

MicroFlo Dust Collection

The MicroFlo multistage dust collection bags are exceptionally efficient, able to reach standards that were in the past just not possible. The giant sized bags allow for much easier and safer emptying of the collected dust whilst at the same time permitting clean operation for longer. Achieving both of these features was not possible with previous bag-less designs featuring complex filters that became regularly blocked.Dustcare vacuum cleaner

The advanced filtration of the Numatic DustCare range has been designed to an advanced specification in order to meet industry requirements. The NDD570A and NDS570 models both feature optional AutoFlo automatic operation.

The duplex twin motor model has been specifically designed for use where there is a particularly high level of dust generation. All models are ideal for managing the everyday clean-up of dust-producing applications, as well as handling after-builders’ cleans.

Automatic hand tool operation

Both machines come with a power outlet pre-fitted to the powerhead. When a hand tool is connected to this supply, the vacuum cleaner and the tool operation become fully synchronised. As soon as the tool is powered down, the vacuum cleaner also switches off automatically, and vice versa.

This feature is particularly useful when machines and workstations are not located close together, for example on ladders or scaffolding. The fully automatic operation offers exceptional convenience.

The Numatic DustCare Range – Available now from Anderson Trade

Anderson Trade is a UK wide supplier of a vast range of commercial cleaning machines and a huge variety of spares and parts.

In the DustCare range, three models are offered: The NDD570A; the NDS570 and the NDD570. To discover which would best suit your specific needs, why not arrange a free onsite trial? It’s something Anderson Trade offers as standard to all commercial customers to ensure they make the right choice every time.

To learn more about the Numatic DustCare range, visit our website, or contact us for tailored guidance.

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