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Industrial Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaners: Uses and Advantages


Cyclonic vacuum cleaners are designed to tackle a range of industrial applications, from boiler cleaning and machine maintenance to floor cleaning, metal working swarf and high level cleansing of dust and debris.

The NumaNumatic large industrial vacuum cleanertic NTD750-C2 is a medium sized dry vacuum cleaner fitted with a pair of Twinflo 1060 Watt motors. It is crafted from super-tough Structofoam and features a 35 litre steel container coated in epoxy resin Nutex. This coating is specially formulated to deliver extreme durability and an extended service life.The container is mounted on an all-steel heavy duty chassis, from which it is easily removed.

Large transit wheels make movement nice and streamlined. This model comes with a Cyclonic Separation Kit for use in environments where there are significant volumes of fine dust or particulates to deal with. In addition, two large filters are fitted to make sure that what goes in stays in.

Giant Hepaflo dust bags are also available, and the BB5 accessory kit, including stainless steel tubes, a 400mm Structofoam dry pickup floor nozzle and a dusting brush.

The replacement cable system offers a fast and easy substitute should accidental damage occur.

How an industrial cyclonic vacuum cleaner works

Cyclonic dust collectors are designed to efficiently capture dust and debris typically created in machining environments.

They are usually referred to as two-stage dust collectors. This is because, unlike traditional dust collectors, cyclonic models feature two collection points for dust and debris.

The primary collection point takes in the heavier particles, whilst the second deals with finer particulates. The machines use centrifugal force to separate particles. The airflow forms a downward spiral the moment it enters the dust collector. This forces the larger particles into the first collection point, whilst the finer particles get swept on to the second stage filter element. The particles caught by the filter are then collected in a secondary collection point.

The benefits of an industrial cyclonic vacuum cleaner

When emptying a collection bag from a standard dust collector, large clouds of dust can emerge. With a cyclonic machine however, because the primary collection point only contains heavier debris, the emptying of the bag is much safer and cleaner.

Also, because the cyclonic method considerably reduces the volume of particles that contact the filter element, the frequency of cleaning, and / or replacing filters, is considerably reduced.


The Numatic Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner – Available now from Anderson Trade

Anderson Trade is a nationwide supplier of an extensive range of commercial cleaning machines and a huge variety of spares and parts.

In the cyclonic industrial range, the Numatic NTD750-C2 is offered in two models, one with a 110 volt power supply.

A free onsite demo is offered on all commercial vacuum cleaners. To learn more, and for tailored guidance, please contact us.

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