Nilfisk VHS120 CB CC GV Metal & Swarf Vacuum Cleaner

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As efficient as simple, the right combination for your application: one specific model built according to each main specific segments and equipped with the best accessory kit.
Your task? Just plug and play… and continue doing your job without any thought.

The #Metal - Chips vacuum cleaner is ideal when the main need is cleaning the machine tools and the floors, and you have to recover more than 70% of metal chips and less than 30% of oil.
The VHS120 is the modular machine par excellence. In this specific configuration it is equipped with a grid and valve for
separating solids from liquids inside the container. The solid material deposits on the grill, whilst the liquids
can be drained via the manual valve fitted to the bottom of the container.
Thanks to the cyclone the primary filter doesn’t come in direct contact with incoming liquids or sharp objects.

    • Single phase, n°2 by-pass motors
    • Compact dimensions
    • High container capacity
    • Equipped with specific accessories developed for  metalworking environment
    • 5 meters polyurethane hose
    • Cone and Noozle for cleaning machine tools and around them
    • Container easy to remove and empty
    • Suitable for wet material (shavings mixed with traces of oil)
    • Grid and Valve for separating oil from swarf and easily discharge.
    • Cyclone to protect the filter from damages.
    • High filter surface
    • Ergonomic manual filter shaker
    • Vacuum gauge on the motor head
    • Optimum balance among efficiency compactness and price

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