The i-mop XXL Pro - Battery Scrubber Dryer

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iMop XXL - Revolutionary Battery Scrubber Dryer

Welcome to the i-mop. The i-mop’s combined technologies and unique design makes the current drudgery of cleaning effortlessly quick and unmatched in sanitation. Unlike current cleaning tools and machines, this break through cleaning system is literally effortless to use. It is extremely lightweight and is able to deliver cleaning solutions through specially designed high performance scrubbing brushes, followed by a powerful vacuum drying system.

Precision & Speed:
The i-mop is lightweight and will cover much more floor area than traditional wet-mopping in the same amount of time. The i-mop XXL can clean up to 2300 m2 in just an hour. 

90% Cleaner:
Positive weight on the brushes allows it to scrub harder, plus faster rotation speeds makes them more effective for a deeper clean. The scrubber’s enhanced fluid management removes the dirty cleaning solution from the floor rather than leaving it to dry and re-contaminate the surfaces.

The advanced fluid management system removes the used cleaning solution from the floor and additionally allows the floor to dry very quickly, reducing potential hazards from slips and falls.

Cleaning Path:
Able to clean challenging large areas with the same flexibility and speed as the i-mop XL. Enlarged scrub-deck with a cleaning path of 62 cm and additional water capacity.

Rechargeable battery packs that can be switched out. The i-power battery pops in and out easily and can be done on the fly. A battery pack runs for about one hour and recharges in about one hour. This means that when one battery is in use, the other one can be charging.

Low Profile Deck:
Includes a low profile deck of only 7 cm. Allows for cleaning under objects like furniture and counters, and get's into those hard-to-reach tight spaces, eliminating the need for further detail cleaning.


Application Indoor, hard surfaces only
Range 1200-1800m2 per hour
Brush Speed 350rpm
Brush Pressure 32kg
Operation Width 62cm
Machine Size 43x69x124cm
Clean Water Tank 5L
Recovery Water Tank 5L
Power Source 2 i-power 20 batteries
Battery Spec 25.2v, 14Ah
Run Time 60 minutes
Charger 110-240v, 50/60Hz


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