Numatic NDD570A DustCare Fine Dust Vacuum Cleaner with Power Outlet


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Numatic NDD570A DustCare Fine Dust vacuum cleaner with power outlet. The DustCare range have been developed to produce a professional range of machines that address the needs of fine dust applications that can be found throughout the building industry. The AirFlo and MicroFlo technologys incorporated into the DustCare machine have introduced an exceptional upgrade in both performance and dust collection. The Duplex NDD570A twin motor machine is designed to be used in conjunction with hand tools incorporating vacuum hoods that produce low to medium fine dust volumes but, can equally be used for all cleaning applications including end cleaning of building sites. With the added power outlet pre-fitted to the power head, a hand tool can be connected to this supply making the operation of the tool and vacuum cleaner fully synchronized. This means that when the tool is switched on the vacuum cleaner will power on too, and conversly when the tool is switch off the vaccum cleaner will switch off automatically. The NDS come with basic 38mm stainless steel industrial BA5 kit, but an optional NH5 kit is available to allow the DustCare machine to be connected directly to the dust collection hood on the particulear hand tool.

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