MotorScrubber Storm - Battery Sanitising Sprayer & Jet scrubbing machine

Product Description

Motorscrubber Storm

Using the existing technology of Motorscrubber's battery powered back pack technology, they have introduced a new Ballistic Sanitising Sprayer Lance. 

Using any virucidal cleaning fluid, you can use the on board 1 lire bottle and the pump will administer an ultra fine spray mist to all the common areas such as touch points, desks, handles, sinks etc etc

Switch between the Lance and the Jet using the military grade connectors and you can sanitise and clean all types of floors. There is a huge selection of Motorscrubber brushes and pads available too.

What do you get in the price

  • everything you need to start sanitising - just add chemical
  • Back pack including pump, 1L spray bottle, battery & charger
  • Ballistic Storm Lance with 40 micron spray nozzle
  • Motorscrubber Jet 8" deep clean scrubbing machine


Already Own a Motorscrubber Jet
just buy the spray lance - available here

Don't own any Motorscrubbers
You can also buy the the back pack and lance complete - click here (you can add a motorcrubber Jet wand only at a later date)

View the Motorscrubber Storm Brochure



SKU: Storm & Jet

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