Lindhaus Vacuum Cleaners - More Information

Who are Lindhaus?

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Founded in the mid 1980's, Lindhaus cleaning machines are an Italian based company who specialise in the design and build of multifunctional carpet cleaning.

Their range of products cover both the domestic and commercial market from standard upright vacuums through to hard floor scrubber dryers and wide area vacuums.

Lindhaus pride themselves on being one of the best for the performance & efficiency of their range of machines. Coupled with this, their product ranged are renowned for their quality and price. They boast being selected as the vacuum of choice within various UK government buildings, it's even rumoured there's one in the Whitehouse!  

They also have a sister company who manufacture electric motors. Rotafil has been around since the 1960's and are known for their knowledge and capabilities in the construction of professional electric motors and automatic winding machines for internal use. 

Of course, all Lindhaus machines are fitted with Rotafil motors!

To find out more about this brand, go to where there is lots of detailed information - hear from the brand themselves!

At Anderson Trade, we enjoy selling the Lindhaus range of products. Because we know it is reliable, well made and easy to use so our customers will be pleased with their purchase! If you are considering a new Lindhaus vacuum or would like to know more, please give James or Marc a call on the above number, we're always happy to help!