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“We’re on a mission to keep schools safe and protect education”

As inventors and manufacturers of professional cleaning and disinfection equipment, our primary focus at the beginning of the pandemic was the development of our cleaning and disinfection machinery. This development was crucial to provide help to the education sector in the fight against Coronavirus.

We are extremely passionate abou
t protecting childrens education and have made it our mission to keep schools safe.

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Cleaning & sanitisation for the education sector

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, cleaning and disinfection has been thrust into the public eye, along with the importance of its role in limiting the transmission within the school environment.


To ensure all schools are safe and remain open during the Coronavirus pandemic, the implementation of mechanical and professional equipment

is key to eliminating the risk of cross infection, whilst achieving optimal hygiene results.

In 2020 education suffered. We want to change this in 2021, by providing schools with superior cleaning and disinfection equipment that ensures a safe and hygienic school environment.

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