Back Pack Vacuums - What are the options?

There are so many options available when it comes to Vacuum Cleaners. If you have large areas or areas with lots of stairs and obstacles in the way which can become troublesome with a traditional style upright or cylinder (tub) vacuum, then how about you try a 'Back Pack' vacuum cleaner?

Vacuum cleaning without frustration.

It can be really frustrating when you are constantly having to plug in your vacuum cleaner to reach every spot and the dragging around and pulling to get through furniture and fixtures can make your work take longer than it should.

We offer a range of back pack vacuum cleaners from both Numatic and PacVac.

We are exclusive retailers of PacVac in the UK. PacVac are an Australian brand and have really cornered the market with their industrial vacuum cleaners which you wear on your back.

Indeed, the novelty of a back pack vac can be fun, but the real benefit comes from some of the fabulous time saving features available.

For example, having the machine on your back rather than on the floor makes it much easier to get around those tricky areas and allows for interruption-free vacuuming - easy peasy!

Find out more about the PacVac Back Pack Vacuum range available from Anderson Trade today!