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Anderson Trade is a UK wide supplier of vacuum, carpet and hard floor cleaners, spares and janitorial supplies to commercial and domestic markets. We have been looking into the benefits to commercial cleaners of leading backpack cleaner brand Pacvac. 


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Pacvac is an Australian brand that has been supplying the world with back pack vacuum cleaners since the 1970s. Because Pacvac only makes back pack cleaners, the company is able to pour all its resources into ensuring the brand is the very best it can be possibly be: a market leader.

Pacvac in Australia can be likened to the way in England vacuum users refer to the ‘Hoover’. In fact in Australia and South Africa back pack vacuuming is as commonplace as cylinder vacuuming is in the UK. Unsure as to why this might be, considering the extensive benefits of the back pack method, Anderson Trade is keen to highlight to commercial cleaners why they should be readily adopting this style of vacuuming. 

PacVac for Comfort, Durability & Speed







Anderson Trade supplies a vast selection of top brand vacuum, carpet and hard back pack vacuum pacvac

floor cleaners and janitorial supplies to both the commercial and domestic sectors throughout the UK. They say that of all the styles of vacuum cleaner, the backpack is the lightest and most ergonomically designed.

The Pacvac is crafted to fit the user comfortably and the adjustable harness guarantees a good fit. The user’s wrists are never put under stress thanks to the clever design of the hose and wand and good posture can be maintained thanks to the aforementioned unique harness.

There’s a super lightweight battery operated model, the PacVac SuperPro 700. pacvac superpro 700This is one of the leading backpack vacuum cleaners on the market and is fitted with a patented Hypercone Hepa Filter system which allows full suction to be maintained as the bag fills.

Continuous efforts focused on design in order to achieve the ultimate ‘wearable’ comfort and durability, as well as creating productivity gains and delivering significant cost reductions is what positions Pacvac as the world leading manufacturer of backpack vacuum cleaners.